BandWerkX specializes in premium leather accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch. The project aimed to create packaging that exudes luxury, appeals to a youthful demographic, and effectively showcases the product. Challenges included infusing a youthful and high quality look while using eco-friendly kraft paper.

Goals were reflecting quality, attracting younger customers, and providing informative packaging. Targeted at tech-savvy individuals seeking style and functionality, the market included young professionals and enthusiasts of minimalist design.

The creative solution leveraged the X pattern from the logo as a central design element, with minimalistic iPhone and Apple Watch band icons on the white stickers indicating product colors, contrasting kraft paper. A mono-spaced font added a modern, masculine touch. For the bilingual information at the back of the phone case packages I created a type that flows around the case icon in different colors for English and German.

Results showcased a packaging design resonating with the target market, effectively conveying product quality and appealing aesthetics. The incorporation of eco-friendly kraft paper aligned with the brand's values, adding a tactile, natural element to attract environmentally-conscious consumers. The project delivered an impactful design enhancing BandWerkX's brand identity and capturing the attention of tech-savvy consumers.

Animation: Sedat Azazi

Featured on World Brand Design


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