As the creative behind the brand identity and menu design for a Mezza Eatery, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Australia. I drew inspiration from the intricate patterns of traditional Middle Eastern tiles to create the monogram for badge designs. Choose minimal and bold approach, ensuring that the design is not only visually striking but also user-friendly. The ornamental monogram, a focal point of the design, encapsulates the essence of this rich cultural heritage. The color palette, mirroring the lively hues found in mezze dishes, brings a dynamic and flavorful dimension to the visual identity.

The intentional simplicity allows customers to instantly connect with the Middle Eastern vibe, effortlessly recognizing the authenticity behind the brand. Crafting an identity that is both clean and culturally resonant has been rewarding, as it invites customers to experience the culinary journey. 

I created custom illustrations that bring the menu to life, featuring happy faces gathered around a lively mezze table and highlighting popular dishes. These illustrations add depth to the story, encouraging customers to connect on a personal level and savor the excitement of the culinary adventure ahead. Crafting an identity that is visually attractive and emotionally engaging has been a rewarding process, fostering a smooth and enjoyable connection between customers and the authentic Middle Eastern experience.


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