I'm Ceren Burcu Turkan, also known as CBT after my initials. I have been working as an independent designer over 6 years. My specialty is timeless yet expertly crafted designs that catches your eye. I create custom illustrations and typography in my branding and packaging designs to make them unique and memorable. 
I work with small businesses and individuals to help them build their brand consistency across all platforms. I am passionate about creating fun, fresh designs that look good across all media. I love working remotely as it allows me to work with anyone, anywhere.
Outside of work I enjoy running, taking photos, traveling, making ceramics and cooking with my husband in a house we share with our 2 cats. 
I am also an NFT artist and have a self claimed new title, Creator of Creemo's. Creemo's are collection of 100 Unique & Crafted Ethereum-based NFT's on blockchain. You can check out the project on creemo.co
To discuss potential future projects please contact me: cerenburcuturkan@gmail.com
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