Meet Ceren Burcu Turkan, the driving force behind an award-winning boutique branding studio that challenges conventional design norms, unlocking the full potential of each project and crafting brands that truly stand out.

Since 2016, Ceren has seamlessly integrated her custom illustrations and unique typography into branding and packaging designs, infusing each creation with playful brilliance. With a fresh, innovative and expansive mindset, she crafts every design stage from scratch, narrating a unique story and conveying the essence that makes each brand extraordinary.

Specialising in crafting timeless food and beverage brands and standout packaging designs, Ceren ensures your project's essence is flawlessly conveyed. She remains at the forefront of trends with a global radar for fresh ideas, choosing to work with her means more than partnering with a branding expert; it means collaborating with a creative mind dedicated to personally crafting a cohesive brand identity that effortlessly flows across all touchpoints. Every design presents a compelling connection, playfully defying norms and celebrating the extraordinary. 

If you'd like to discuss potential future projects, please feel free to reach out at
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