Description of Orangery: A protected place and a greenhouse for growing oranges, especially in cool climates.
Orangerie No:8 is an experimental restaurant near the town of Cotswolds that creates vegetarian dishes using only seasonal produce. 
I worked on the unique and special word mark that shows heritage and elegance and created a hand-drawn illustration of the conservatory so that the main logo has a classic and handcrafted look. O+8 monogram was added to the branding for use in signs and some stationery items. For making a vintage restaurant brand identity design, I created custom mosaic visuals for wordmark and monogram that has been used on menu covers and invitations. The monogram design completed the badge designs on the coasters. Details of the illustration used on business cards, menu and invitations. 

World Brand Design Awards 2021 - Bronze Winner | Brand Design Creation

Mindsparkle Magazine - Top 10: Restaurant & Bar Collateral


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