Ciderbil is a celebration of captivating design and delectable taste, where design and flavor intertwine to create a sensory experience like no other.
Ciderbil born from an collaboration between a small batch craft beer maker Erbil Algan and designer Ceren Burcu Turkan. The result of their labor of love is Ciderbil (yes, pun intended), a line of 5 cider beverages with playful labels showcasing the charming hand-drawn artwork. The story of Ciderbil began with Erbil Algan’s love for beer and deciding to make his own beer out of curiosity, and succeeding. He dediced to make a batch of cider to his cousin Ceren who hates beer, and told her to create label design for it for fun. Being a graphic designer, Ceren took the task seriously and created a complete brand identity for Ciderbil. This small batch of cider consists of 44 bottles, and although the brand isn’t real, the cider was and it was delicious.
Colorful labels that was created for Ciderbil with hand-drawn illustrations for each flavor were created to attach customers eye in the shelves that are filled with classical cider bottles. From the playful strokes to the vivid depictions of fruits, the design of Ciderbil captures the essence of its enticing flavors, epitomizing the artistry of both cider packaging and vintage design.
International Design Awards 2023 - Gold Award on Packaging Design
World Brand Design Awards 2023 - Commended Award


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