or·​ange·​ry |  \ ˈär-inj-rē
Definition of Orangery: A protected place and especially a greenhouse for growing oranges in cool climates.
Orangerie No:8 is an experimental restaurant that creates vegetarian dishes using only seasonal produce. They grow fruits and vegetables on the organic farm near the building. Its name comes from the 400+ year old orangery near the town of Cotswolds. You are greeted with a handmade mosaic tiles of the word mark logo in the foyer and you can see the monogram logo in the bathroom floors.
I've worked on the custom word mark and hand-drawn conservatory illustration for the logo to have vintage and crafted look. Added the O&8 monogram to the package for use in signage and stationery. The monogram design complemented the badge designs of the coasters.
Logo Design, Branding & Menu Design / 2021
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